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“Forgetting those things that lie behind”

FreeBirdThe Word of God says, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.” Proverbs 22:1. For all of these years that I have been divorced, I continued to wear the last name of a man who was extremely abusive to me physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only that, but even now his family is just as toxic. But, nevertheless, I was so thankful to come out of the marriage alive that I did not even think about going back to my maiden name of “Bell.” I went on to write my first book Always, Now and Forever and my literary career took off. As I wrote book after book under the name “Shelia E. Lipsey,” I pushed the nagging thought about my last name aside. I was never comfortable with it because it was too much of a harsh reminder of how stupid and insane I was at that time to enter into such an ungodly union. As time went by, each time the thought about going back to my maiden name came up, I pushed it aside because I was established in the literary industry under the name “Shelia Lipsey.” I was worried about changing to my maiden name “Shelia E. Bell,” because I thought that I would lose readers and fans who know me by “Shelia E. Lipsey.” But God. God knows what he is doing. He leads and guides his children.

A couple of weeks ago, reminders of my horrid past came back to haunt and attack me in shocking ways that I won’t go into. I know blessings and deliverance can come in many forms, and the fact that I was confronted by my past, and someone who I thought was near and dear to me was responsible for it, has shown me that now is the time for my release. Through this incident, it is clear that it is time that I truly forget those things that lie behind and move forward into the favored future God has for me. It became clear that in order for ME to gain total healing that I have to let go of that name in order for me to let go of the past.

This morning, I received clear direction from an interview of my dear friend and sister in Christ, Kendra Norman Holmes. Those of you who know Kendra, know that she is a gifted writer, speaker and an anointed woman of God. She doesn’t know it but God used her interview to give me confirmation. Here is a portion of the interview:

The Interviewer asks Kendra: “Why would you decide to revert back to your maiden name? I would think that you would continue to use the Norman-Bellamy for your writing if nothing else. Since that’s the name that identifies you as a writer, aren’t you afraid that you could lose readers who might not know how to find you now?”

Here is Kendra’s response: “Any success that I’ve obtained as a writer is not now, nor has it ever been based on my name. All of my accomplishments are because of my Father’s name. And I’m not talking about my natural dad…I’m talking about my Heavenly Father. Regardless of what my name is, it’s His name that draws.”

Thank you Kendra Norman Holmes! God used your words to speak to me this day and give me the final answer I was praying about.

I already feel at peace about it. I feel free from the pain of my past mistakes, free from all of the negativity connected with the name of Lipsey. I now know that I can boldly step into the rest of the future that God has planned for me.

So, over the next few days and weeks, you will see the use of “Shelia E. Lipsey” give way to Shelia E. Bell, as I go about making the necessary changes to my Facebook pages, email addresses, other social media sites and of course on all future books that will be released. Today as I legally go back to my maiden name, Shelia E. Bell, I know that greater is in store, greater is coming! Thank you God for loving me.

Thank you friends!

Shelia E. Bell, God’s Amazing Girl!

My Wife My Baby…And Him on Black Expressions


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Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

Shelia E. Lipsey, God’s Amazing Girl!
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“The Word According to Shelia” Welcomes Tyora Moody

Tyora Moody

Tyora Moody

Tyora Moody is the author of Soul-Searching Suspense novels in the Victory Gospel Series and the Eugeena Patterson Mysteries. She is the 2013 Urban Literary Awards Debut Author Winner and 2013 Urban Literary Awards Mystery / Thriller / Suspense Winner. Tyora is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers.

As a literary-focused entrepreneur, she has assisted countless authors with developing an online presence via her design and marketing company, Tywebbin Creations LLC. Popular services include online publicity, social media management, book trailers and book covers. The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit was released January 2014. On Mondays, Tyora hosts The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast.

When Perfection Fails

When Perfection Fails

Tyora, if readers want to get an inside look at the person you are, what and whom would they see?
I’m an introvert by nature, meaning I’m a quiet person. :) I make up for not being talkative by being a huge observer and doer. Definitely a behind the scenes gal who loves to serve.
What has helped shape you as a writer?
I would have to say life. I never really thought about writing fiction until 2006. Due to some grief in my life, I was led to turn to what has been my biggest comfort most of my life – writing. I would say there is definite piece of my personality or experiences in most of my main characters.
Was it your goal to become a writer, or was it something in particular that inspired you to choose this field?
I’m an engineering major turned web developer. I have always been geeky and been driven by technical things. While I loved writing, it wasn’t a priority to me.
What matters most to you as a writer?
That I continue to grow from one book to the next, always keeping the joy of storytelling alive. Even more importantly as a Christian Fiction writer, I would like to see my books empower or enlighten the reader in their faith walk.
How did you come up with the idea of combining Christian fiction with suspense?
I’m a huge mystery and suspense fan. I’ve been reading mysteries since my Nancy Drew days. I think because I’m an analytical and detailed person, I like stories that make me think. I’ve grown to appreciate the art of making your readers guess. Combining it with Christian Fiction became a natural fit for me due to my faith and the fact that not many people were writing this type of combination.
What are some of your future literary goals?
I have been told my writing style is very similar to literary fiction. I wouldn’t mind stepping into that genre. I could even see myself writing young adult fiction one day.
Tell us the names of the books in the Victory Gospel series, and how they connect with each other.
When Rain Falls, Book 1
When Memories Fade, Book 2
When Perfection Fails, Book 3

ABOUT THE SERIES – Letting go of the past is no longer an option for three female business owners in Charlotte, NC. The Victory Gospel Series introduces three women whose pasts insist on walking beside them like a maddening visitor, unwilling to depart. Through a series of twists and life-altering experiences, these women learn victory over pain truly only comes in developing a deep trust in God.
What words of wisdom do you have to impart to aspiring authors?
Stay persistent. Be willing to learn. This industry changes fast, but the fundamentals of good writing will always be very important. Learn to write well and keep growing your skills.
What are some of your passions outside of writing?
I love movies big action movies, funny animated movies. Anything but sappy romantic movies. :)
How can you be contacted?
While I have many websites. is my official website online. You can contact me and find all my online spots.